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Streamline Laboratory Quality Management with CAPA Software

Intuitive, easy to use Risk, Compliance, Incident & Audit Management

In the world of laboratory operations, ensuring precision, reliability and compliance with industry regulations is paramount. Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions (CAPA) are fundamental processes that laboratories rely on to maintain their standards, identify issues and enhance overall quality management.

Conform Tick provides a centralised platform for managing incidents, tracking actions and monitoring results. Laboratory staff can take a systematic approach to addressing and preventing issues ultimately enhancing quality, compliance and overall efficiency.

Conform Tick software stores all incident records, actions and related documentation in one place. This centralisation simplifies data access, search and retrieval, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Streamlined workflows guide laboratory staff through the CAPA process step by step, from issue identification to root cause analysis, corrective actions and preventative measures.

In an era where laboratory operations are becoming increasingly complex and regulated, investing in CAPA software is a proactive approach to maintaining high standards of quality.