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Tickit Incident Reporting acquires a new dimension with the current update

Intuitive, easy to use Risk, Compliance, Incident & Audit Management

Conditional logic and placeholder features grace the new design of incident management system to our user’s delight.

Incident reporting is at the core of any risk management system. That is where we record anomaly and disruption, in summary an event which needs our attention and triage. The main challenge comes in the way of a designer when he has to design an Incident reporting system which is comprehensive, flexible and still ranks high in usability.

Want to learn more about how to use these features?

Want to know more about the conditional fields and placeholder within the incident reporting system and how to make the best use of it, speak to our dedicated technical support staff and see how you can benefit from this highly cherished and much-anticipated feature in the new release.

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‘One Solution does not fit all’ dilemma

The starting point is that the principle ‘One solution fits all’ should be discarded. Each industry and organisation will ideally desire specific version of their implementation for Incident Reporting. Within the organisation, the complexity compounds, some data fields should be exposed, others have shown selectively, some should be skipped, some hidden and appearing conditionally and others mandatory. This is only the start of the complexity. As we get deeper the problem of designing an Incident Reporting System compounds.

We at Tickit confronted this problem head-on and we have addressed these challenges in our enhanced design of Incident Reporting system which forms the part of our most recent update. These and many more features in our current implementation have been hailed as the breakthrough by our customers. Finally, we have succeeded in designing an Incident reporting system uniquely suited to Tickit users, who use our system in a diverse range of industries and the ever varying organisational environment.

The already proven system becomes better with Conditional Logic and Placeholders

With the new release, we have added an important feature, what we call conditional treatment of the data field created in the incident report. In simple terms, it addresses a number of important real life scenarios, the important one being the treatment of data fields on intelli-sensed conditional logic. This feature is further enriched by adding the concept of a placeholder field. And this is just the start and one of the new additions striving to make Tickit feature rich, the reasons our users love it.