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Managing Policy and Procedures Review Dates

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Policies and Procedures are an essential component of any organisation.

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The ever-changing laws and regulations can make it incredibly difficult to keep your policies and procedures up to date, let alone remembering when they all need to be reviewed. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and sorting the dates and wondering “What if I missed an important Policy review?”  Technology nowadays is making life both easier and simpler for us in managing the overview of policies and procedures. How easy would life be if an email was sent directly to our inbox letting us know that a policy or procedure needs to be reviewed? What if managers can have the reassurance that their staff has actually reviewed the policy or procedure? Utilising software to set up reminders, has become a necessity, especially with the ever-growing number of policies and procedures that need to be reviewed. Every organisation needs to keep on top of this to reduce its risk of not complying with the current regulations.

Whether you have workplace health and safety guidelines or data protection policies, you need to ensure that they are not out of date and they are circulated to all employees.

A clear suite of policies and procedures in any organisation assists in the demonstration of compliance.

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