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New Compliance Module now available

Intuitive, easy to use Risk, Compliance, Incident & Audit Management

Until now, Tickit On Demand has used the flexibility, configurability and simplicity of our Tasks module to meet the Compliance requirements of our customers. The Tasks module is designed to capture a signoff when an activity (i.e. a Task) has been completed. The ability to change the Terminology within the system, to customise fields, categories and responses allowed clients to configure the tasks module very specifically for their Compliance requirements. This methodology has worked well, with many of our clients complimenting the ease-of-use of the current process.

Still, we thought that there was room for improvement.

As the Tasks module can be used for many different applications eg Risk Controls, Audit Agreed Actions or Compliance Obligations, the terminology that is used needs to be appropriate for all situations.

It was decided that the best way forward would be to look for the best of both worlds. We wanted to maintain the existing simplicity of the Tasks module in a new, bespoke Compliance module. This would ensure that the Compliance module operates in exactly the same way that it does now, but would offer many benefits including;

  • Compliance specific terminology
  • Compliance specific custom fields
  • Compliance specific category structure
  • Compliance specific permissions structure

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a separate Compliance module will be the ability to link a Compliance Allocation to Task Allocations. This allows you to not only track your compliance activities, but also any other actions that you are performing to ensure your compliance, such as reviews, audits, spot checks and so on. By linking these Tasks to your Compliance requirement, you can review and report on the progress of these activities and be truly informed when responding to your Compliance attestations.

If you would like to know more about the Compliance module or Tickit On Demand in general, please contact us for more information.